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Here you will find fleece animal hats, anime hats, cosplay hats, animal ears, headbands, tails, and other fun apparel to buy, made with loving care. We offer a wide variety, from kitty cat, panda bear, and bunny rabbit hats, to foxes, wolves and vampire bats, with more great costume and cosplay clothing being added all the time. The focus here is on anime, animals, and fantasy. Please visit either our Etsy or Ebay stores below for reviews from past buyers and more!

UPDATES FOR August 2014: WEBSITE UPDATES in PROGRESS: Hats can only be bought through Etsy at this time! -- Check our facebook page for a special Halloween event! -- REMEMBER: all items are made-to-order! -- Aren't Marquee's cool? -- Be sure to visit our FAQ for information on ordering, shipping, materials, etc. --

Buying through this site has been turned off for a while. Pictures have been left up for display purposes, but you must now visit our Etsy Store if you wish to purchase any of our items. Purchasing internationally will be available soon through there as well!

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